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One time in a science class this guy was talking about how nerdy girls aren’t cute, but it is kinda sexy when a hot girl can use a microscope so I looked back at him and said, “yeah, it must be nice when a girl can finally see your penis”

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Andrew Scott: The Stag promo. 


Andrew Scott: The Stag promo. 

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Eddie Redmayne 'The Theory of Everything' interview|CHICAGO (FOX 32 News)

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David Guetta Feat. The person who sings the whole song 

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if u think teenage girls are crazed and hormonal and irrational you should see what happens when you tell a grown ass man “no”

I brought this up to my mom recently and my brother overheard and he was like “NO, WOMEN ARE FUCKING PSYCHOS” and I kind of just looked at my mom like point proven.

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The Script- Superheroes


The Script- Superheroes

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remember that marathon runner who smiled in a picture one time

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she wears high heels i wear thousand dollar shoes

she’s cheer captain and im Beyonce

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writing “sorry” at the bottom of your math test

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do you ever know the answer to a question in class but you don’t want to say it and the teacher is looking round at everyone and you’re tempted to say it but just before you get the chance to, the teacher tells you the answer and everyone is mind-blown and stares at the teacher in complete awe like they’re the most intelligent being ever and you just sit there like i knew that

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The Children of Downton

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Tom Hiddleston by Sarah Lee Part I [HQ]

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